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Oil recycling cornwall

Oil recycling cornwall

Hazardous waste treatment and recycling
Collection, restoration and recycling services for hazardous waste

By their very nature, hazardous wastes present a possible hazard to employees as well as the environment; so it’s essential to make sure that substances are correctly handled and treated. Our complete dangerous waste management service offers tailored remedies for the collection, storage, handling and treatment for even the most specialised demands.

Our hazardous waste treatment and recycling capacities comprise:

* Treatment of oil contaminated wastes including fatty slops, sludges and drill cuttings
* STANDARD waste treatment
* Biological treatments
* High temperature incineration

Fatty slops and sludges treatment

Joining flocculation, centrifugation and settling, Local waste management supplies industry-leading treatment of fatty slops at committed Local waste management treatment plants in crucial places world-wide, or onsite by means of a mobile slops treatment plant.

Oil recycling Cornwall

NORM waste

We handle the decontamination of equipment as well as the treatment and packaging of sludges, sticking to strict security procedures at all times and ensuring the responsible disposal of NORM wastes.

All hazarous waste procedures are performed by qualified and experienced employees in conformity with Transportation Legislation, Duty of Care, the Environmental Protection Act, Hazardous Waste Regulations and Health and security Legislation world-wide.

A sustainable alternative for the treatment of hazardous and non hazardous wastes to regain organic elements form intractable liquid, sludge and solids contaminated with organic compounds and leave the rest of the deposits appropriate for recycling or reuse.

Waste streams appropriate:

*Oil Spills
*Drilling Mud’s
*Oil Sludges
*Mill Scales
*Oil contaminated Sludges
*Maching Sludges
*Grinding Sludge including oil

cardboard recycling cornwall

waste action are an  business with thirty years of expertise in the production of balers for a variety of waste materials including cardboard, paper, plastics and much more.

Under the headings above you’ll locate the entire selection of gear on offer. Complete specifications are accessible by clicking in the individual machine name. Little balers are satisfied to retail outlets where space is limited, yet amounts of cardboard should be condensed. Moderate balers manage bigger sized cardboard and greater volumes.

Both rental and outright sale deals can be found the entire array of waste action gear recorded.

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