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Recycling centre Cornwall

Recycling centre Cornwall

confidential waste
Cornwall waste management provide a private waste shredding service made specifically to safely dispose of all kinds of confidential waste. This waste can take many forms but in all instances it’s taken to a completely accredited recycling centre for immediate destruction. Please see below for a list stuff we’ve ruined lately;

*Information Cassette, Backup Cassette Shredding
*Out of Date food & beverage destruction
Various types of “Evidence of Shredding” may be ordered, including video evidence of the destruction happening. A certificate of destruction is issued in all instances for customer records.

Cornwall waste management ensures the whole procedure it accurately recorded with waste transfer notes issued upon set of your confidential waste.

Scrap Autos
A vehicle in need of extensive repair may be quite so expensive that you just may end up with more money in your own pocket in the event you junk the automobile using a recycling centre.

Recycling centre Cornwall

Responsible Vehicle Trashing
In the event you do not dispose of your auto correctly, it can result in fees and fines, even if you believe it is out of your hands. With us, you will get a Certification of Destruction as authorised by the DVLA, that will show the vehicle was disposed of responsibly.

To learn more about how we manage scrap automobiles then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Our friendly staff will probably be pleased to answer your inquiries and queries, so call or email us now in case you would like to trash your vehicle in Stoke on Trent, Crewe or the surrounding regions.

waste management cornwall

waste recycling

Any of your waste that we gather is recycled as much as really possible to cut back the effect on our environment. We use the most recent technology within our waste recycling centres, ensuring that up to 99% of all waste received is recycled. At our plants, we separate each kind of waste for person recycling using up to date systems.

Whatever we can’t recycle is disposed of in the safest manner possible, using techniques like waste incineration to convert the waste into a sustainable energy source

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