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Recycling Cornwall

Recycling Cornwall

waste management

Complete Site Waste Management
Our state-of-the-art facilities mean that we are able to look after every substance from commercial to market waste products. We even supply scrupulous site waste management and an account supervisor to provide you with complete support when you need the following:

Small Recycling
Commerce Waste Collections
Hazardous Waste
Secret Shredding
Landfill Diversion

Therefore whether you are in need of a one off service or an on-going waste management strategy, then look no farther. We’ve got efficient, cost effective services and, most importantly, professional staff to assist you.

Waste Packaging
Do you want packaging for your waste?
As portion of our service we can offer you appropriate and affordable packaging. We’ll make sure the packaging is suitable for your waste sort, related risks, place, use and handling.

As portion of our dedication to to reuse and recycling, we’ll endeavour to use any existing, great state promotion you might have or provide promotion which has been recondition and approved for reuse. Should you want, we may also supply brand-new packaging products.

Responsible Building Waste Management.

We work in compliance with the aims of the Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) to boost using recycled and secondary aggregates derived from demolition jobs in building. We carry out our works with a true concern for the surroundings, salvaging and recycling as many demolition-derived substances as possible to make them accessible for reuse in additional building.

Examples of substances capable of being salvaged and reused in next-phase building include: roof tiles, steel sections, structural lumber, lumber floors and joists, masonry, concrete cladding panels, profiled metal cladding sheets, entire steel frame buildings and concrete arisings.

Our strategy will be to recognize and document all waste construction materials that result from a demolition job to make them accessible for reuse.

We run an Environment Agency licensed asbestos waste transfer station that facilitates the safe disposal of ACMs created from works to building, commercial and public websites. We don’t treat or incinerate asbestos waste nor handle asbestos waste at these sites in a dust, powder, free fibre, liquid or sludge forms.

Recycling Cornwall

The requirement to recycle as much stuff as possible from waste is crucial in the current society and with strict environmental regulations.

But it’s a long-held policy of Local waste management whose creator Paul Clements in 1989 created the region’s first independently managed and purpose built waste transfer station at its base in Harfreys Road, Great Yarmouth.

Since then it’s widely enlarged and enhanced its service and, in 2001, got a second transfer station in town’s Eurocentre.

That early enterprise as well as the expertise developed since has kept Local waste management ahead of the game in regards to complete waste management.

Our sorting system carries a shredder, a Trommel cylinder and deciding station for separating recyclable materials.

Both stations are open six days per week for waste and our Harfrey’s website could be created accessible on Sundays by appointment.

Our second site specialises in inert substance like soil, concrete, debris and demolition waste that has the potential to be up to 100% recyclable.

There are weighing facilities at both centers with a completely accredited 50 tonne weighbridge at the Harfrey’s website.

Both sites are completely licensed under Environmental Agency rules.

Important commercial contracts are managed along with everything down to the scale to one person construction businesses or people.

One major edge for our customers is that their own waste management amounts may be forwarded from our sorting and recycling procedure.

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